Perhaps like me you’ve been told “You’re Destined for Great Things” and you’ve struggled to know what that means.

Today’s blog is a short reflection on what that phrase doesn’t mean. And I’m sharing it with you today because I felt God’s Spirit this morning strongly reminding me not to be fooled or led astray by seeking after ungodly things. I was invited once again to not measure my life by the world’s standards of success. And to guard against hypocrisy in my life.

To be destined for great things should not – or ever be!- synonymous with popularity, platforms, wealth, a public ministry, material possessions, positional power, or anything which sets you up to bring honor to yourself or allows you to rely solely on your own strength or possessions.

As leaders, we do people a disservice if we lead them to believe that greatness is about making them popular, wealthy, or achieving a place of positional authority. It’

I’m convinced that great things, with I actually associate with living a fruitful life, will look different for all of us. True great things are birthed in and through loving God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and loving others as ourselves. Every life matters!

Keep your focus on Jesus’ invitation for your life. Love God and others deeply. Acknowledge Jesus’ goodness in your life and share him with others. Do this in ordinary time, on ordinary days, in ordinary places. You love an extraordinary God who loves you and all those who are either currently in your life or who you are yet to encounter in your day and journey.

Live each day in God’s presence. Seek and search for it daily. The greatest thing we have, the thing that matters above all else, is this: We are the forgiven, redeemed, loved sons and daughters of Almighty God. We have God’s Spirit now and will be with God for eternity. I can only imagine what eternity will be like!

Reflection Questions:

What do understand the statement “you’re destined for great things” to mean? What are the things that I am currently seeking after? Are there things the Spirit is reminding me of today that I need to let go of or change?

Wherever the Spirit takes you while your heart is being searched, go there, and seek to understand what God would say to you or ask of you this day.


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