Last night before I laid my head down to get some rest, I picked up one of my Bible’s from many years ago. I’m one of those types that mark up my Bible by highlighting, underlining, writing important dates down and just generally writing all over margins. It’s one of the ways I learn. So needless to say, I have a few around the house and I keep one of them by my bed. So last night before I went to sleep, I opened my Bible to just read a few passages and I came to Jeremiah 1 and I began to read.

As I was reading I noticed that I had tucked the date January 19,1997 by Jeremiah 1:5. So I thought on that verse for some time before falling asleep. When I woke up this morning, I decided that I was going to do a short reflection on that particular verse.

The word of the LORD came to Jeremiah according to 1:4. In the Hebrew, the word for came is הָיָה hayah. It is a word that carries more meaning than simply something coming to Jeremiah; it is a word that expresses something ‘happening’ to Jeremiah. And in this particular instance, Jeremiah is encountering the living God and Jeremiah is experiencing something powerful in his life. And there are three things I want to point out from 1:5.

The three things are:

1. God knew him.

2. God had set him apart.

3. God had appointed him with a specific purpose.

All of the above show God as having intimate knowledge of the details of Jeremiah’s life. God’s care in forming him, God’s intimate knowledge in Jeremiah’s formation (God was part of the formation!) and lastly, God “appointment” or purpose for Jeremiah. I’m not suggesting that Jeremiah’s life is more special than any other life. What I’m wanting to encourage you with today is this: The same kind of care, the same kind of longing for separation and the same desire to show you your purpose is still a truth for us today.

God knows us, God desires for us is to be set apart for him and God has appointed us with a special purpose. Part of being free to become is working that out in our lives.

Blessings as you ponder the intimate knowledge of God concerning you.

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