I have often thought about writing a blog post on why I think people should support bible colleges – and I think they should! – but it’s not just any bible college whose mission I’m seized by, it’s Horizon’s.  Horizon’s mission of preparing leaders for Christian life and ministry get’s me up in the morning and I love what I get to participate in.

In no particular order, here’s why Horizon’s ministry matters:

  • It’s God’s heart that people know him (Ps. 100.3), and Horizon provides a place for students young and old (I was 39 when I began, 44 when I graduated, now am on staff) to explore their faith, to wrestle with their questions, and to step out in their gifts.
  • It’s a place where people receive clarity as to their purpose and calling. Some students come for a 1-year certificate and then go on to other vocational callings like training to become a nurse, but they do so with a deeper sense of knowing God and are committed to following him in all areas of their life. Other students come with a sense of knowing that they are going to be a pastor and their time at Horizon helps equip them for that journey. Still others come thinking they are heading in one direction only to discover that God had a different idea.
  • Community matters, and Horizon is a community of people learning to love God and love others well. Sometimes is messy because we are imperfect human beings, but what rises from the messy is a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of. I recently received a miracle, which I hope one day to share about.
  • The staff and faculty of Horizon are among some of the most sacrificial, honest, hard-working, prayerful, dedicated people I have ever met, and they give to each other and to the students in ways that demonstrate their commitment to God, to each other, and to the mission of Horizon.
  • The students that come through our doors are each God’s handiwork and on a journey of discovery. Having the opportunity to witness them grow and develop is truly a privilege.
  • It’s a place of equipping, and a place of soul-drenching experiences. From prayers in classrooms to the 10:39 worship time, from community lunches to time alone in a prayer room, from ministry trips to first experiences in an internship – all of these experiences (and more) are part of the journey here.

It was in 2009 when I first heard about Horizon and started there as a nervous adult student, it’s now 2015 almost 2016 and the passion I have for this particular ministry has only increased. And, like all types of non-for-profit ministries, it takes financial supporters who share a passion for our cause, in order to succeed and flourish.

Christmas is just around the corner and many of us look for places where a donation of our hard-earned dollars can make a significant difference in impacting the lives of others. My life, and the lives of two of my children, have been changed as a result of time spent at Horizon.

So can I make a big ask? Can I ask you to join with me in either giving a one-time donation to the college or becoming a monthly supporter? It’s a worthwhile cause!

To donate, please see here.

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