What a glorious long weekend it was here in Saskatoon, SK. I got to be home on my farm, spend time with my hubby and the kids that were around, write my research proposal for my major research project required to successfully complete a MALM, and had loads and loads of time to read my Bible and reflect.

I’m currently working my way through the Bible chronologically, and I’ve recently started using this app. It’s.so.good. I highly recommend it.

Anyways, I was reflecting on Psalm 24 where we are reminded of the fact that the whole world belongs to the Lord – that he established the work and all who live in it. Then the psalmist goes on to ask the question, Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord? The psalmist then lists for us some requirements:

  • those who have clean hands a pure heart
  • those who do not trust in idols or swear by false gods

Yikes, those are some important things we need to pay attention to! But what really caught my attending was the statement of not trusting idols. In my Bible, at least the one I am currently using, the footnote states this, ‘does not trust. This expression means to “nurse and appetite for” for something.”  1 Whoa, did you get that? It means to be active in doing things that cause our appetite for idols to grow!

This had me asking myself, are there any areas that I am currently nursing an appetite for and what would that look like?

In my journal I wrote these reflection questions:

  • What practices am I engaging in that might be nursing an appetite for idols in my life?
  • Are there items in my household that might need to go?
  • What do I invest my time (books, play, etc.) and are these areas promoting good fruit in my life?
  • Is there anything the Spirit is revealing to me that I need to deal with…now?

Prayer: Lord, I want your goodness and mercy to follow me all the days of my life, please reveal to me any areas in my life that I might be nursing an appetite for anything other than you, especially any idols. I love you Lord and I choose you.

Rev. Carmen Kampman

  1. NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible,
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