I have read at least 40 books this last year, and there are a few books that will remain with me, but none have affected me more than Carla Harris’ book Strategize to Win: The New Way to Start Out, Step Up, or Start Over in Your Career. It can be found here on Amazon.

Are you stuck? Are you wondering what’s next? Are you looking to discover what you’re best life could look like? Are you confused about what job you’re best suited for? Are you trying to decide what to study next or what qualification you might need to get? If you are, then here’s a process that can help get you to get moving in the right directions!

If you’re a digital journaler like me, then open up your digital journal and on separate pages, write these questions down:

  1. If money were no object, how would I spend my day? What would my job look like? (This is your content.)
  2. What jobs have this content?
  3. What skills, experiences, or education do I need in order to be eligible for these types of positions?

If you’re not a digital journaler, no worries. Just grab a paper journal or three pieces of paper and on separate pages write the above questions down.

Now comes the fun part, start dreaming! Start thinking about the content that could make up your day. Start thinking about what content your dream job would have and what types of jobs would have that content. Then, start discerning what professional degrees or classes or experience you might need to help you achieve your next goal(s).

Don’t rush this process, it could be a game changer for you. Here are a few important things that Carla A. Harris says in her book.

There is one person responsible for managing your career agenda, and that is YOU! (pg. 87)

You will find the answers to your career questions not in knowing the job itself, but in defining the content of your job. (pg. 6)

Your ultimate professional success is all about how you position yourself, and that starts with landing a position that engages you because you like doing it, are interested in it, and you want to learn it because you like the
content. (pg. 13)

Yes, and if you’re considering making a change, don’t forget to pray. Don’t forget to seek wise counsel. And, don’t rush! Make sure you’ve given yourself time to carefully discern your “What’s Next?” question.

Hope you enjoy this process, I highly recommend the book!

Reverend Carmen

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