So often, perhaps too often, we walk past people instead of walking towards them. And lately I have been thinking a lot about how life would be different for me, and perhaps for others, if I walked towards them, stopped, and had a conversation.

A conversation where I looked them in the eye. A conversation where I was fully engaged in listening. A conversation that moved me towards a fuller understanding of who they were. A conversation that lacked the sound of my voice but one in which the voice of the other was deeply heard.

What if we moved towards each other in life? How would we be changed by the other? How might God use the other to shape me? And how might my movement towards someone be transformative, even if that was the furthest thought from my mind?

And what if, what if by moving towards the other because we cared actually lent itself to us being the person that spoke to their deepest need of having someone, anyone, be present in their life at that very moment because they were on the verge of doing something that couldn’t be undone?

What if we moved towards each other simply because we recognized the moment as sacred? The act of being present as sacred? The gift of being able to move towards as sacred?

What if our boundaries of self-protection have actually become a hinderance to us? What if they’re actually keeping us from practicing presence with others?

I don’t know what your patterns of moving have been lately, but what if you moved towards someone? How might God use that person in your life or vice versa?

The whole of the great commission as found in Matthew 28:16-20 is about going and moving towards people. It’s not about waiting for others to come to us. How might moving towards people open doors that otherwise might be shut?

How might I be changed by moving towards people instead of past or around them? I am not sure, but I intend to find out in this next season of the journey.

What about you? What do you think would happen if you moved towards people?

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