The LEAD Women Podcast – it’s launching!

Oh, yes, it is! And girls, it’s designed to grow your confidence, competence, and character. We’ve got some things to chat about, and I’m looking forward to regularly connecting with you.

I can hardly believe this day is here as I’ve wrestled with whether or not I should start a YouTube Chanel (which I did but have not yet made public) or a podcast or what on earth I should do. And seriously, if you get on YouTube, there are a gazillion different videos about what a person could or should do.

But here’s what I decided in the end: to start small. To do one new thing at a time – especially if it required a steep learning curve for me. And launching a podcast is a learning curve, to be sure!

So, friends, have a listen and leave me topic ideas in the comment section below as I’m passionate to help you grow, especially in this current season.

Committed to your growth,

Pastor Carmen

p.s. Coming Soon: A LEAD Women Leadership Tribe FB group and the LEAD Women Masterclass. Stay tuned!

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