As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am captivated by the call of Jesus. A call that says to each one of us: Follow Me. Now naturally, a statement like that can create a myriad of questions. How? Where do I start? What does it mean to “follow?” My devotional reading this morning provided some answers. (Funny how God can give us a theme and then provide little answers each day!)

My morning devotions took me to Mathew 20: 26, 27. And though a familiar passage for many, it is a timely reminder for me that greatness is found in following Christ, not in title or position. Tozer says it well. He writes, “…true greatness among humans must be found in character, not in title or position.” He then goes on to say, “We have to follow [there’s that follow theme!] Christ in service to the human race, a selfless service that seeks only to serve, and greatness will be ours!”

So, as I travel to Caesearea, Meggiddo, and several other places today, I am curious about following Christ and serving others. I am wondering who I will meet and what opportunities to follow Christ may present themselves.

Let me leave you with this: If you agree that following Christ equals service to others, be curious and open to the ways in which you can follow Christ today. (And then share your experiences with another so they can be encouraged and strengthened!)


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