It has been about two weeks or so since I was first introduced to the phrase “thin places” while reading my niece and her husband’s blog, a blog which chronicled (pics included!) their recent journey across Canada. In one of her blog entries she talked about being introduced, by one of her professors whilst in university, to this idea of “thin places.” The phrase peaked my interest so I started to do a bit of reading.

Here is an article, and there are several out there, that describes “thin places,” or in some places “thin spaces.” But essentially what the term means is those places where heaven and earth don’t seem so distant from one one another…be it connecting with a family member, standing on the ocean’s shore, gazing into a sky that is alight with a myriad of stars. Whatever it is for you where you get that sense that this place, this moment, is one in which you feel God’s presence in a more palpable way.

It is no secret that as of late I have been tired and that I have been longing to visit family and friends here in BC. So, we made a 1600+ kilometre trip to get here and it has been so worth it!  There have been many “thin places” that have been soul soaking, if you will, and where it is evident that God’s Spirit is present. From walking alone to reading, from standing on oceans shore to sitting on the deck visiting, from watching my kids interact with loved ones to hugs (loving ones!) received, from the sound the water foundation makes to hearing the story of a breast cancer survivor (and she’s so much more than that!), from morning quiet times to conversations/prayer times with passionate Christ-followers, all of these  have served as powerful experiences reminding me of God’s presence with us and in his creation. 

I don’t know what “thin places” looks like for you, but I’d encourage you to be present in the moment and be attentive to what’s going on around you. I tried to capture a couple of mine that have happened in this last week, these are moments that I will treasure in my heart.

I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever. Ps. 86:12

 My long-time friend Cheryll and I. I had the privilege of witnessing her give her whole heart to Christ and the radical transformation that’s followed. She loves her family, loves Jesus, and loves others. She inspires and encourages me. (So does her daughter Tamara!)

 One piece of the beautiful view at my in-laws place. The sound of this water thingy was so soothing.  
Opa and  Elizabeth. Above is Oma and Elizabeth. 

At my Dad’s. Absolutely amazing to see the healing God’s brought to his life and how he’s beat the odds in the type of cancer he waged war against. 

Whit Rock, BC for fish and chips and cousin fun!

 My brother and I at White Rock, BC.

What are your thin places? 

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