The Season of Lent

In recent years I have come to see that there is so much value in following the Church calendar year versus the regular calendar year. Following the Church seasons helps us to reorient our lives around the things that are of importance. I have a good friend, Laurel, who has been such a blessing to me as she has introduced me to various authors, has encouraged me with her thoughtful paintings, has sent me poetry, and has often encouraged me to “listen” to the state of my own soul. (Thank you Laurel!)

I am in a season of really reflecting on the need to let go, on the need to watch the words I speak, and on the need to take responsibility for the disciplines I put in my life in order to stay in touch with my own soul. It is so easy to get off track, isn’t it? And every once in a while we need someone or something (like an article, good book, a painting or picture, or most importantly the Word of God itself) to remind us of who we really are and challenges us to examine our condition.

In today’s world with iphones, ipads, computers, televisions and endless options of stimulating activity, it is easy to see why we can loose touch with our own soul. I was reading today this entry from the Transforming Center and I wanted to bring it to you. God is love. God wants to be in relationship. This lent season reminds us of the cost of that, and its purposes.

Catch me in my anxious scurrying, Lord.

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