It was a step of faith to say “yes” to a missions trip to Liberia (Africa); I had no idea what this opportunity would encompass. I knew I would have the opportunity to teach and minister with other PAOC pastors and leaders, but I had no idea how this experience would impact my worldview, let alone how my heart would be so profoundly impacted by the things I saw and experienced.

With my own eyes, I have now seen mission work in one of the poorest countries in the world. And though our family has been Compassion Canada sponsors for over 25 years, we have only ever seen pictures of what life looks like in a third-world country. I’m changed. I don’t know all the ways that I’ve changed as it will take me a while to process all that I’ve seen and experienced, but I know this: my eyes have beheld suffering and hardship, my arms have embraced others who have endured sufferring I will never know (Civil War & Ebola), and my ears have heard stories of death, trauma, future dreams and God’s goodness.

I have a new found respect for missionaries and the ministry of missional workers, and I am asking God how I might reorder my life to give more because it is needed, desperately needed. And what we do for the least of these, is serving Jesus. I’ve been thinking on this: if God’s people are his vessels for kingdom advancement, then it seems to me that we need to be supporting our missionaries as they seek to serve Jesus and advance His kingdom is areas with limited resources.

One of my teammates, Pastor Donna Drisner, said this: “They don’t want what we have, they want who we have.” That who being Jesus. They want Jesus to strengthen their weak knees, to encourage their hearts, and to help them learn. They welcome opportunities to influence their country and its’ people for the better, and they take every occasion to share Jesus’ love with each other.

Here are a few of my photos. (For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you may have seen some of these already.) 

As I process, I will be sharing more about the things I experienced in Liberia.



Our PAOC missions team at the momument in front of the school. All the 500 school children daily come here to here announcements, the raising of the flags, and to say the Lord’s prayer. Very moving!


The dwellings where the TLP workers live.


Some of the orphans that are cared for my Pastor John and Cecelia. Beautfiul, passionate children.












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