It’s so easy to get off-kilter and go hard in an area thinking that that will make ALL the difference, but it doesn’t. Why? Because we’ve not stopped to consider HOW the choices we’re making affect other areas of our life.⁠

That’s the problem with the whole “hustle” mentality for entrepreneurs. There is this push to hustle hard at work to achieve your goals, but there is no hustle-hard mentality to ensure your relationships are healthy and you’re resting and reviving your soul.⁠

If you want to be well and navigate hard seasons to the best of your ability, you must take a holistic approach to rest.⁠

What this has meant for me in recent months is looking at my sleep schedule, planning a regular weekly Sabbath, eating well, and exercising consistently. ⁠

Hustle (i.e., working towards your goals) has to apply to your whole life, not merely your work aspirations.⁠

No one is responsible for leading you in your life; you must take radical responsibility for your journey.⁠

How are you taking a holistic approach to living and leading yourself well?⁠


Carmen is a disciple of Jesus who is learning to live and lead her life better. She takes great joy in passing on her experiences, learnings, and lessons. To stay social, follow her on Instagram @leadwomenco.
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