If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, it’s likely become evident that I live a full life and am a person who is results driven. I’ve resolved myself to the fact that I will likely always be an extrovert (though I do have some introvert tendencies, like needing time to be alone), I’ll always have a preference towards doing things (I’m a gap seer), and I will always need to walk closely with the Lord so I don’t get in over my head, failing to say “yes” and “no” to things I should.

I made a decision this last Spring to finish well and strong in a few commitments that took considerable time. Thanks to my amazing hubby who challenged me with the “should you” question. Perhaps my hubby had sensed that deep inside me there was this feeling that my life was often filled with “good” things, but there were things I could not say “yes” to because the schedule was full. And so drastically has the schedule changed since June,  I’m taking a moment to blog about it.

It’s a strange, but welcome, feeling to have no regular evening commitments taking me away from the home. 

So, here’s what I’m saying “yes” to this year:

  • Being present with my kids who are regularly with me and trying to regularly touch base with those who aren’t. 
  • Saying “yes” to exercise and fun with the kids.  We’re getting a family pass – tonight! – to the rec centres. My daughter (13) and I are especially looking forward to sitting in the hot tub and catching up. (She’s especially excited these days about ways she can decorate her locker.)
  • Spontaneous games of Yahtzee with the kids. (I got 3 yahtzee’s in one game last night – I’m rocking it!)
  • Taking time to pause more often, to Practice Presence more often, and to engage in meaningful conversation – no matter where that might be – more often. (A new office space this year has afforded me the opportunity to enjoy the array of students and colleagues that I have the privilege of working with or journeying alongside of at Horizon.)
  • Selectively saying “yes” to opportunities that grow the speaking and teaching gift. I prayed about this this summer and I left it with the Lord. I suppose I should not be surprised that he answered that prayer so quickly! The Lord amazed me with some unique opportunities that he coordinated and which he nudged me to say “yes” to. (To be honest, some are very stretching!)
  • “Yes” to being mentored. I am incredibly blessed to have some people in my life who are investing in me in ways that I trust will bear much fruit in the right season. Their belief in me and their encouragement make me wanna be brave! I know I will sometimes fail, but that’s okay! 

I’m simply saying “no” to a whole lot of good, and not so good (energy draining), things. 

How are you coming into this fall season? Do you need to pause and take inventory? Do a course correction by letting some things go or saying “yes” to something you should have? Or are you like me today, content and incredibly thankful for all you’ve been able to enjoy this week because your life is not over full?

Praying you are present in your life.

A fellow pilgrim,


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