A few months back I was in a class that required us to come up with a life purpose statement. The goal of the exercise was to help us gain greater clarity about who we are as people and leaders. I confess that though I had come up with a statement during that week of class, I was not fully sold on it, and since that class, I have often found myself asking the Lord why I exist.

On this beautiful Sunday morning as we headed to church to celebrate the Risen Christ, I found myself reflecting on Jesus and reflecting once again upon this idea of knowing our life purpose – Jesus was so resolute in his purposes and so clear about them, that I found my heart longing for deeper clarity.  So I began to write various answers to encapsulate why I exist; and in the course of writing, I wrote something that as soon as the pencil finished the sentence, I knew  it was something I could embrace and be resolute in for the rest of my life.

Here it is:

To live my God-given identity, and help others find theirs.

And my God-given identity that I’m reminded of today (not an exhaustive list) contains the following truths (some my Pastor spoke about this morning):

  • It’s in Christ and his birth, life, death, and resurrection that I come to understand my God-given identity.
  • I’m the recipient of God’s unfailing love, His extravagant grace, and His power that is greater than anything known to man (Phil 3: 9-10)
  • I’m a friend of God and have been bought with a price.
  • I’m called, chosen, and empowered to serve God and serve others.
  • I have a God-given purpose.

So friends, on this day where we’re reminded of the power of the cross and the hope it offers to every human being, can I encourage you to spend time thinking about the God-vision for your life.

Why do you exist?

Prayer: LORD your words tell us that you can be found by us when we search for you with our whole heart (Jer 29:13-14), so  I pray for each person who is longing and searching for you today, I pray that they would experience your lavish love, your extravagant grace, and your extraordinary power. And may each one come to know their God-given identity. Amen.

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