So, so excited about today’s conversation with my good friend, Dr. Rob Lindemann. Rob is the Academic Dean at Vanguard College.

Rob has spoken truth into my life and been an extraordinary friend to me! If you’ve not yet met him, I’m delighted to introduce you to him today in our conversation.

Rob and I talk candidly about why mentorship and friendship with the opposite sex are beneficial, how it can affect people’s future, help them understand God’s call for them, and how it can express God’s love.

Rob shares how important it is to clarify the benefits and the risks to another person if we’re unwilling to engage. We also talk about boundaries and how to steward our lives well.

Love builds people up.

If you have any further questions for Rob and I and want to see us do another episode around your questions on this topic, please email me here.

Believing in you,


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