At the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I had awoken early this past Saturday morning.  It had been a restless sleep; I occasionally have those. I knew immediately the prompting to awake was the Spirit, so I heeded the invitation to come and be present.

I did my 1 Peter devotions, thinking there was something the Spirit wanted to reveal to me. But though good and insightful, my heart was not satisfied and there was a draw to read Psalm 51. I let my heart wander there, and I read slowly, seeking to discern that which would satisfy my soul. And then there it was:

God, create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Ps 51:10

It stood out like it had been supernaturally lit in neon lights, especially the word steadfast. So I began to go on a short, but exciting journey to understand more about the word steadfast. Weirdly, though, I felt like I had been here before, but my soul must have needed the reminder.

Steadfast, I wondered. Spirit what are you trying to say to me, today? Then it came.

Carmen, your heart needs to be refocused. It needs to be “dutifully firm” and “unwavering”. Those words are how the dictionary described steadfast, but I knew the Lord was speaking to me. Then I looked in the thesaurus and here are some other interchangeable words for steadfast: relentless, loyal, faithful, dependable, unwavering, single-mindedness, unflinching, uncompromising.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Lord, that’s the kind of heart I want for the things of Your Kingdom. Give me a steadfast heart, oh God.

And we need it right? I mean there are endless things that can draw us away from the purposes of God, countless things that can distract us from our loyalty to God. Infinite things that may tempt us to comprise our unwavering commitment to our Lord.

But, we don’t have to give in. Let us pray to the God who can and will steady our hearts. Who can and will renew our hearts. Who can and will renew a steadfast spirit within us. Amen?

Pastor Carmen



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