“I want my moment,” I said. I meant it. It mattered. And it mattered to me not only for myself but for all those other women looking, following, and watching my journey as a female leader.

I’ve been invited to the table of leadership. I’m transitioning from an Executive Director of Advancement to a Vice President of Advancement.

Since encountering Christ, I have always sensed a call upon my life. The road of discovering it has not always been easy. I have fumbled. I have studied. I have taken steps of faith. I have failed forward. I have had times of aching. Of being unsure. Of being refined. Of hitting rock bottom. You know those moments where everything is stripped away? It seems, at least for me, it’s in those moments when God still whispers, “Take up your cross and follow me. Not everyone will understand, but you belong to me. Follow me.” I choose “yes” to all that God has for me.

In the journey, there have also been moments of intense joy. Of being sure. Of embracing and living in a beautiful moment, and a moment came this week. You see my friends in the MB/NWO District are people with whom I have shared a lot of important moments with.  Over the years there have been new appointments in ministry, shared prayers during hard seasons, shouts of joy at a victory, celebrations at ordination services, and strong words of encouragement for all that God was doing in my life and theirs. PAOC is my fellowship. The MB/NWO District are some my people. I feel at home among them. And they blessed me this week in ways that are forever etched upon my heart.

Not only did they announce my new appointment (of which I feel very privileged to steward) they honoured me as a woman in ministry. They encouraged, affirmed, and blessed me. They honoured female leaders, and they invited the women leaders to surround me and pray for me. (My brother in Christ, Andrew, said a moving prayer.) It was my “moment” coming to pass in ways that exceeded my expectations. I felt loved. I felt like I belonged. I felt an even greater measure of courage for the days ahead seep into my soul!  I felt hope for all those women watching and wondering if they, too, could be called to steward such responsibility.

I believe with all my heart that God calls men AND women to co-labour together for the advancement of His Kingdom. I believe with all my heart that God gives people gifts (Eph 4:8) and that we are to be who he made us to be for his glory.

Shout out to my husband Albert and all our kids – I love you! Shout out to my HCS colleagues for being a part of my journey and for allowing me to grow up and into my calling these last few years. And shout out to my MB/NWO PAOC family for blessing me with a moment.

To those of you following along on my journey of transformation, blessings in your journey. I pray you embrace Jesus, take up your cross, and wholeheartedly follow him.



My moment. Surrounded by godly women.




My friend Jo-Ann captured my presentation of “What’s New” at Horizon.



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