I have been reading through the text of Mathew and today was one of those Aha! moments. As I was reading and doing some studying, I heard something from a Keith Loy video that really struck me and it’s this: “Meekness refers to power under control.” What a good way of understanding what it means to be meek or humble.

In some further reading this morning, I came to understand that in earlier years meek had to do with the taming of horses. Now that makes sense to me! A horse is a powerful animal; my horse Beauty is incredibly more powerful than I am and yet, she is well-broke and most days (she’s a little stubborn!) when she is consistently ridden, she listens well. She has power that is under the control of her leader. Similarly, there is much power in us (especially in the tongue, according to James), yet to be meek or humble means to be in control and have power. We have Christ’s spirit to empower us to live lives of power under control!

Today, let us allow Christ to have his way. Ask him to make us humble and ask him to give us the grace to walk with a heart and life fully surrendered to him.

God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth. Matthew 5:5

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