It’s irking me, friends, it’s irking me. The number of times lately that I have heard people, leaders, in fact, minimize the words or make them words that are somehow distasteful is driving me crazy.

Leadership and the term leader are not dirty words. And, try as we might call a leader by another name, it doesn’t change the fact that leadership is simply the action of leading a group of people or an organization and a leader is a state or position of being a leader.  A leader doing what exactly? Leading a group of people or an organization.

Now, you can misuse your leadership power just like you can abuse your influencer power or any other type of role power you have. You can be a good leader, or you can be a terrible leader. You can be a person who does good things, or you can be a person who does evil things. How you live your life has a profound impact on those around you, but leadership and leader are not dirty words.

I’m not entirely sure why some are so averse to using the word leader or leadership. Perhaps it’s because some have been crappy leaders. Okay, well some have been crappy influencers, and we’ve continued to use that word…

Perhaps it’s time to redeem these words by using them appropriately. Leadership matters and we can’t dimish the fact that some are actually called to be a leader and to leadership in our world and they should not have to feel like they have to name a good thing by any other name:  Leader or Leadership.

If you’re a believer (heck, even if you’re not!) you are called to use what you have for the common good of all. We are not to harm others but are to do good.

How might we redeem the words leader and leadership? Is it possible?

Pastor Carmen




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