On today’s special episode of The LEAD Women Podcast, we are thrilled to be having a conversation with the Director of Inspire Our Nation, Kaitlyn Cey.

(Carmen apologizes in advance for her mic quality, she is still learning to get the tech to work properly!)

We’re chatting about leadership and filling a need for our youth in Saskatchewan. The current project that Kaitlyn and her team are working on is Inspire a Girl.

Here are some statistics supporting why it matters that we help our Candian girls.

Despite increasing national awareness and dialogue surrounding mental health, the statistics relating to the mental health of girls in Canada are alarming. In Grade 6, 36% of girls say they are self-confident, but by Grade 10 this has plummeted to only 14%.10

Between age nine and 13, girls become less confident and are more likely to say they are feeling depressed.11

12% of girls in Canada aged 12-19 say they have experienced a major depressive episode at some point in their life.12

A study of Ontario students found that girls (8.4%) are prescribed medication for depression, anxiety, or both much more often than boys (2.8%).13

More girls aged 10-17 are hospitalized for mental disorders than boys the same age.14

Canadian girls are also 15 times more likely to be hospitalized for an eating disorder than males. More than half of female patients hospitalized for eating disorders in Canada are girls aged 10-19.15

Girls in Ontario are twice as likely as boys to report feeling an unmet need for mental health support.17

In Canada, suicide remains the third-leading cause of death for girls aged 10-14, and the second-leading cause of death for girls aged 15-19.18


Here is where you can find out more information about Inspire Our Nation, including how to purchase a box that goes to support online youth programming this summer.



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