In a moment of vulnerability today those words fell from my lips as I was sharing how deeply meaningful it was for me to watch my husband pass the communion trays in our church.

My husband is one of the most godly men I know, and my heart has always longed for him to feel at home in the church we were attending.

We are supposed to feel a part of our church families, right? I mean church is not a spectator sport where faithful followers of Christ sit on the sidelines, is it?

It was only today when I realized how deeply impacted I was by watching my husband serve. It was only today that I realized a new day had dawned and our church was really OUR church.

In hindsight I can see how God has been preparing both Albert and I for serving in the Body of Christ, among other searchers. And this past Sunday I was profoundly moved by the genuine service of a man that I have been married to for 28 years!

This first time is etched in my heart.

I am sure Albert felt stretched, perhaps pulled, out of his comfort zone. He’s an extreme introvert and hates to be up front or in any sort of spotlight. But when asked to be part of a serving team, he gave his yes.

I’m not sure he’ll ever know just how proud I am of him and how deeply his act of service reminded me of the Jesus who came to serve and who walked among us. I saw Albert being Jesus’ hands extended and I think I fell even deeper in love with him – he’s my special gift from God.

Today I am thanking God for all those leaders who create spaces for others to serve.

With a full heart,


Albert’s Team.

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