My journal entry from today’s devotions.

It was with a fierce determination that you entered this day, the day we call Good Friday, over 2000 years ago.

I love you too Jesus. I can’t imagine, not really, what that day must have been like for you. Betrayed by a disciple, abandoned by others – yet you remained determined.

Determined to fulfill the will of your father. Determined to be my (our) ransom. Determined to die. You had resolutely set your heart to come to Jerusalem and do the very thing that was happening to you.

In reading Luke 23, I am reminded that the guilty are freed, like Barabas. A murderer and an insurrectionist, he walks out of imprisonment. He’s not worthy to be released. He’s not earned the right to walk free. Yet he was free.

I wonder what kind of life Barabas went on to lead? Jesus did he get how your imprisonment and death saved his life?


Was he found among the mockers? Was he found among those watching you suffer? Was he curious about you? Had he even yet heard of you?


Was he found alone on a hillside left with his thoughts? Was he with family? His mother perhaps?

Jesus you did NOTHING wrong, yet you died a criminals death. And even in the midst of your suffering, you offered life. Ressurection life. “Today,” you said to the dying thief, “today YOU WILL be WITH ME in paradise.” (Luke 23:43)

In the blazing Mediterranean sun, you hung. Your earthly life painfully slipping away and coming to a close.

I wonder how you and our father communed during this time. Did he remind you of what was coming in 3 days? Did he tell you to be strong and of good courage? Did you feel his love? His grief? His expectation and anticipation of what was to come?

In darkness there is hope.

Into your father’s hands you committed your spirit. And today as I reflect, I am reminded of how I need you. That I love you. That there is so much more to learn and experience in you – in this life I now have because of you.

Today as I think about all that you’ve done, I say this:

Into your hands, I commit my life, for extraordinary was the ransom you paid. I love you Jesus.

Find me faithful.


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