“Within each of us, just waiting to blossom, is the wonderful promise of all we can be.” This quote is a powerful reminder that there is still more of us to be expressed, more of our life to be lived, more of our life to be explored. And one of my proffessors wisely said to me, and many others along the way, that we bring glory to God by being who we are and living out the purposes for which we were created.

The summer of 2015 has been an enjoyable one for me on so many levels. I hope the same can be said of yours! This summer has also been one containing important opportunities while also providing me with ample time to reflect on life and choices. And as my thoughts have percolated this summer, I’ve come to the realization that I need to live this next season of life with greater intentionality. 

Now there are several reasons why this is becoming important to me, and if you’ve been feeling the same things this summer, perhaps you’d have a thing or two you’d add to this list. But for now, here are just a few of my reasons on why intentionality living matters:

  •  It seems like everywhere I turn things are moving faster and faster (perhaps that is me admitting my age).
  • It’s too easy to plug a “new event” into an electronic device without really taking time to consider what that “new event” is going to require of me, my family, etc.
  •  I have dreams, but to have a dream with no action steps means I lack intentionality in my pursuit of that dream.
  • It is so easy to become distracted as there is so much stimuli everywhere I turn, and when we live distracted lives we are not present to people or opportunities currently in our midst.
  •  Being intentional means that I have to set aside time to think and not simply allow myself to mindlessy move about from one task to another. (I’m results driven, so this can be hard for me).
  • When life gets too busy, often the things first to go are ones that are necessary to our longevity in life and ministry.
  • Nobody but me will take responsiblity and will have to answer for how this life gets stewarded – that’s my job!

What would you add to this list of reasons of why being intentional matters?

Here are a couple of intentional choices I’ve made for this next season:

  •  I am going back to a hard copy day timer (one that is designed for goal setting!) and will use my phone to set reminders if needed. Why? Because writing forces me to slow down and consider what is happening in my life and the life of those closest to me. It also will reduce my dependency on my phone which I hope will also serve to eliminate some distractions in my life. For some of us the drill goes like this: check text message, check email while at it, oh dear, there’s a notification on one or more of the social media sites or groups we’re a part of, and before you know it, a half an hour has just gone by!
  • I am intentionally engaging in leading/journeying with a group of other Christ-following women leaders. Why? Because I dream of being an equipper/encourager of and to other leaders while at the same time I long to be in genuine community that welcomes me and “gets it.”
  • I am committed to carefully thinking through my “yes” and “no” responses and reducing time spent on uncessary stuff!

If you are in a season of being intentional to make changes in your life, what changes are you making?

Heb. 13:7 says, Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. A good question stemming from this verse is this: Who is a Godly leader who has the types of outcomes in their life that you’d like to have? And once you have a few of those people in mind, go to them and ask them about some of the ways they are intentionally living.

Recently I heard this said, “You’re not here to simply survive, you’re here to make a difference.” – TY

Le’t be difference makers by living intentionally!

Blessings in the journey.

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