I often read posts where men are praising how “he who finds a wife finds a good thing” and I want to turn that around today and say, “she who finds an amazing husband finds a good thing!”

I’ve been married to my husband, Albert, for 24 years. I’ve spent more of life with him than without him, and it has been in the last couple of years that I have really begun to understand the value of love and partnership. In recent months Albert and I began a devotional together called Devotions for a Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas – it’s been great. We’ve reflected on things like being a “God-centered spouse” and how growing old together is indeed a gift.

So today I want to loudly say that I thank God that I got the guy, but not just any guy, I got the one who is a rare a precious gift. One who provided me with friendship, love, laughter, stability, safety (in the sense that I could trust him with my heart and in the sense that I know he’s got my back) and who is committed with everything in him to God and to our family  – I got THAT guy and I love him.

The road in marriage is not always an easy one, but as Gary Thomas says, “sometimes it’s a good idea to stay at a thing.” And as one who has committed to staying at this and doing life with Albert, I can more clearly see that the longer one stays committed the richer the fruit.

So, my challenge for all my friends “who got the guy” is this: Take some time to both give thanks to God for him and then take some time to tell him how thankful you are for him. If we have been at this life for any length of time we know things can change quickly, so don’t miss an opportunity to honour your spouse today.

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