I recently had the priviledge of going into one of may daughter’s classes to talk about sharing our faith story. In the days preceeding the invitation to come, I had been introduced to the stories in this stained glass window. (I don’t know about any of you, but if I ever build a house, I would love to incorporate some stained-glass windows!)


It is so easy to think that we should have a typical formula for sharing our faith story; but when we really think about how unique each person is, then the expression of that faith story can be equally unique. Therefore, I encouraged these kids to get creative.  I said something along these lines: If you are a painter, then paint; If you are a speaker; then speak; If you are an artist, then do your artistry; If you are a musician, then play music; If you are a poet, then write poetry. The beauty of telling your story of salvation (or faith journey as some like to call it) is that there are a variety of ways that you can do that.

I have embraced that God has gifted me with a voice to be able to speak, but that does not mean it is the only way to tell God’s story of salvation and redemption. In fact, sometimes, as is evidenced by the stained-glass window above, there are other ways to communicate God’s stories.

In the highschool class we focussed primarily on the story of the Samaritan and I encouraged the students, as I would encourage you, to reflect on where you find yourself in that story. Take time, if you wish,  to reflect on the various characters in the Samaritan story (Luke 10) asking questions such as: What do you think was going through the various people’s minds? Who were they? What opportunities did they miss out on? Can I place myself in each character’s shoes, even if momentarily, to help me gain a better understanding of the dynamics of this story? What emotions  might the man who was beat up and left for dead experience? How does this story make me feel?

YOU have a story, please don’t feel that you can’t express it; rather, find creative ways to share it with others. There is no only way in terms of expression.

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