To book your land costs in full and/or put a deposit on the Israel, Eygpt and Jordan Trip please follow these steps.

Click on this link here

You will be directed to Ayelet’s site. The screen will display the Tour Highlights. You will see no only page links directly on the top of the page but there are also links below that. You can see Tour Highlights, The Itinerary, and the Rates, Dates, Hotels and BOOK IT tab. Please click on the Rates, Dates, Hotels and BOOK IT tab.

You will be directed to the next screen where you are instructed to “click” on the “book” link to sign up. (Please Note: Prices are currently our land only costs, we are awaiting confirmation of airline costs. Those costs should be forthcoming in April.)

To book as an individual then click 1 person, but click that you will be rooming with another guest who is registering separately. You do that is by clicking “yes” to the question: Will you be sharing a room with someone registering separately? ***Answer YES*** (Sorry for the repeat!) If you are going with a friend we will pair you with them. If you are rooming with a “new” friend we will be putting people together. If you wish to have a room to yourself, there is a significant increase in cost for that; it is much better to room with someone, but that is your choice. 🙂  Click that you will share a double room or a triple.

Continue to follow the screens and continue to fill in the necessary information. You will only be required to give a $500.00 deposit at this time, though the screen will show you the total land costs.

You will be required, if you are not already a registered member with Ayelet to create a “New Account,” so please proceed doing that.

If at any time you run into trouble, or are unsure of this secure online process, please call Ayelet’s office or email them for assistance.  You can email Grace at, She’ll be working with Jeff  (Ayelet Tour Organizer), and is available to help you out with registration.  She can also be reached at 800-237-1517, ext 338.

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