Horizon’s Making Canadian History Again!

LEAD Women is in partnership with Horizon Seminary to promote a launch of Horizon’s new MA in Ministry Leadership and to promote an innovative educational cohort that empowers women to bring transformational change to their churches, communities, and world.

The Cohort Experience

The cohort will provide women with a unique opportunity to study the bible, theology, and ministry leadership together in a context of mutual encouragement and support over a two-year period.

Scholarships Available

Generous scholarships will also be granted to ten women in the program who demonstrate financial need.
Preparing Competent Christian Leaders

More Information

  • Learning in a Context of Mutual Encouragement – The Sisterhood – LEAD Women Cohort provides a unique opportunity for women to study the bible, theology, and ministry leadership in a context of mutual encouragement and support.
  • Two-year Journey Together – Women from different walks of life and denominations with the common mission of serving and leading God’s people with excellence will take graduate courses together over a two-year period.
  • Flexibility – Students in the cohort will have the option of studying part time or full time. Courses will be in a modular (or, in some cases, online) format to provide optimal flexibility and learning options.
  • Affordability – The first ten women who enter the program with the intention of using the degree for professional or lay ministry and who demonstrate a financial need will receive a bursary from Horizon College.

What level of study is this? Graduate level.

Who will be with me? Other women seeking to learn, grow, and make a difference in the world.

Can I trust Horizon Seminary? Yes. Horizon is an accredited institution that has been training leaders for over 80 years!

Are there different options? Yes. You can pursue a Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership or a Graduate Certificate. There are other degree options, please email us for more information.

Who is the Seminary Dean at Horizon Seminary? Dr. Susan Wendel.

About LEAD Women

Our Story

In 2015, LEAD Women started as an evening gathering for local women. LEAD is an acronym for leadership education and development.  As LEAD Women continued to evolve it evolved into a company co-founded by Ashley Kampman and Carmen Kampman. LEAD Women Co. focuses solely on leadership education and development for Christian women.

Here at LEAD Women Co., we are an empowering community that encourages authenticity as we strive to lead with integrity, graciousness, and excellence.

Our Values

Empower We are a community that strengthens one another.

Authenticity We show up as ourselves.

Integrity We seek to live and lead wholeheartedly.

Graciousness We receive and extend divine grace.

Excellence We do our best.

Where can I learn more about Horizon Seminary Options?

Having been down the graduate level road, we can tell you that it’s a formational journey whereby you’re never same – in an amazing way!

And for the first time ever in Canada, you have the opportunity to study in a women’s cohort where you’ll be deeply supported , affirmed, and surrounded by women from a variety of contexts who are all seeking to make a difference.

The Horizon team would love the opportunity to show you around their campus, though a new one is currently under construction, and to chat with you about your dreams and goals.

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