I’m Carmen Kampman

Pastor • Speaker • Educator

Building Faith & Raising Hope


Carmen is a dynamic, gifted teacher/communicator who delights in encouraging and developing the capacity of others.

Her growing areas of expertise include spiritual formation and leadership.


Carmen teaches a first-year college-level Foundations of Leadership course and is currently designing a graduate-level The Formation of a Leader course.

I’m Ashley Kampman

Life Coach & Leadership Educator

Helping You Feel Wildley Capable


Ashley is a dynamic, inspiring coach and teacher. She wants everyone she interacts with to feel ‘highly capable’ when they leave her presence.


Ashley is a Certified Birkmann Professional , Life Coach, and Entrepreneur Strategist.  She takes a holistic approach to leadership and business development.

Equipping You For Success

We’re women leaders helping Christian women leaders.

Carmen and Ashley, a mother-daughter duo, are LEAD Women Co whose mission is helping women confidently lead.

We're proven in our field.

We're qualified professionals.

We provide compassionate mentorship.

We have a sense of humour and are fun to work with.

Alignment Masterclass

Design Your Life

Blog & Podcast

Carmen hosts.

Carmen occasionaly blogs.

Sisterhood - LEAD Women Cohort

An innovative educational cohort that empowers women to bring transformational change to their churches, communities, and world.


Carmen has helped me to think clearly about my professional goals and challenges, and to develop practical, effective strategies for growing skills and implementing practices that make me a better leader for myself and for those that I serve. I highly recommend Carmen’s insightful and compassionate mentorship for anyone who is looking to develop greater competence in their field.  – Leanne B.

Carmen exudes passion in all of the important things in life – God, family, church, and all people. She is life learner, a lover of God’s word, and a powerful preacher! Get on any topic in her wheelhouse and the genuine passion and pure joy that comes out of her fills a room! (And possibly blows the roof off!) She is also a strong and steady leader. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her leading in my life. Thank you, Carmen! She leads with kindness, compassion, drive, and pulls the best out of you. I am so thankful for this woman of God! – Kriston Martens, Former Colleauge

Carmen has distinguished herself as a significant change leader, communicator, organizational leader, and graduate student. She co-managed a business with her husband, raised a significant and successful family and returned to distinguished herself as a graduate student, with awesome inspiration and influence in any student learning circle she was a part of. She did the graduate learning while being fully engaged in bringing strength to shaping and influencing the lifting and communication of a significant and new vision for the organization she served as a member of the senior leadership team. She has also distinguished herself as a learning facilitator and professor. She has become active in shaping and energizing a new emphasis on empowering women as leaders. She has been successful as a communicator with increasingly enlarged platforms for communication being offered her. My sense is that given the pace of the expansion of the platforms for communication she will become a TEDS talk presenter in the near future. It is my wish to profile and sponsor her strengths as she is on a fast track to becoming and exceptional leader, communicator, change facilitator, organizational coach and life coach. – Paul Magnus, PhD

  Grow Your Skills.

Grow in Confidence.

Set Your Goals.