Ever heard stories about how a particular person or place had influenced several generations of people? Yeah, me too!

In my early years of being a student at Horizon right through to my present day journey of being on staff, I have heard countless stories of families who’ve been trained and impacted through the ministry of Horizon College & Seminary (Central or Bethel in days gone by). And it wasn’t until April 16, 2016 that I witnessed the next generation in the Kampman family – my family! – walk the line and graduate.

It was my firstborn child, Ashley Dawn Kampman, who graduated from Horizon College and Seminary on April 16, 2016. And as she walked across the line to receive her degree from people who, in recent years, had so profoundly impacted my journey, I couldn’t help but be reminded of God’s promise to ALWAYS be our God and the God of our descendants (Gen. 17:7).

Based on personal experience, I’ve got a deep conviction that there are essential ministries worth investing in and supporting! Why? Because they not only teach people about the God who’s promised to be their God, they are environments where searching people can encounter and experience the God who’s promised to be theirs.

To donate to Horizon’s ministry, a place committed to the advancement of God’s Kingdom by “preparing competent Christian leaders,” please see here.

If you want to join us for an evening where you can hear more about where Horizon is “growing to,” please join us for one of our upcoming galas. (Tickets are fully receiptable.)

  • May 13, 2016, MB/ NWO gala seats available here.
  • May 19, 2016, SK gala seats available here.

From generation to generation, he is God.



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