Do you know YOUR why? You know, that reason that gets you out of bed every morning? That reason which informs your yeses and nos in this stage of your life?

In different seasons of my life I may have had a different why, but in this season of life it’s become crystal clear for me, and here it is:

Equip and Inspire People to Lead with Growing Confidence and Excellence

So no matter whether I am in a pastoral role, a teacher role, an external relations role, a mom role or a wife role – this is my passion: to equip and inspire people to lead with growing confidence and excellence.

As a woman leader, I have had years of feeling that I didn’t measure up. Years of lacking confidence. Years of not understanding the how of doing things better. And in this last decade, I have discovered whose I am and who I am. And, I have gone to school…on purpose! I wanted an education, and I pursued it. I’m soooo close to being done, just a few more weeks.

Knowing whose you are (I belong in body and soul to my faithful saviour Jesus Christ) and who I am (a called, chosen, and unconditionally loved child of Almighty God) has changed everything for me. And I mean everything. Knowing whose I am and who I am has made braver and more courageous than I ever could have imagined possible. Being a student has been transformational for me.

Where does your brave and courageous come from? For me, it comes from my identity in Christ, AND it comes because I have set goals for myself and achieved them. I’ve worked hard, and I’m proud of that.

How did I get to my current why piece? How did I settle on my why?

I used Simon Sinek’s simple fill in the blank. Except I need to warn you, it’s not so simple. I mean, you really have to think deep and mine for the clarity of what you really want or feel your life is to be about. What legacy do you want to leave behind? How would you fill in this blank?

To __________________ so that ___________________.

Once you settle on that, you can use a friend or two to help you get it grammatically right – unless, of course, you’re a person unlike me who has exceptional grammatical accuracy. I need friends like that!

So, friend, what’s YOUR WHY? I’d love to hear it!

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