From the first time I met her, Carmen impressed me with her tenacity and go-getter spirit. She’s a high achiever who aims for excellence and, most important, is committed to learning and continual self-improvement. One of the best decisions I ever made is when I decided to hire her!

Jeromey Martini, Ph.D., President at Horizon College & SeminaryTeaching

Carmen has distinguished herself as a significant change leader, communicator, organizational leader, and graduate student. She co-managed a business with her husband, raised a significant and successful family and returned to distinguished herself as a graduate student, with awesome inspiration and influence in any student learning circle she was a part of. She did the graduate learning while being fully engaged in bringing strength to shaping and influencing the lifting and communication of a significant and new vision for the organization she served as a member of the senior leadership team. She has also distinguished herself as a learning facilitator and professor. She has become active in shaping and energizing a new emphasis on empowering women as leaders. She has been successful as a communicator with increasingly enlarged platforms for communication being offered her. My sense is that given the pace of the expansion of the platforms for communication she will become a TEDS talk presenter in the near future. It is my wish to profile and sponsor her strengths as she is on a fast track to becoming and exceptional leader, communicator, change facilitator, organizational coach and life coach.

Respectfully, Paul Magnus, PhD and chair and distinguished professor of leadership and management and president of PJMagnus Coaching and Consulting.

Carmen is a driven leader who effectively shares a balanced presentation of knowledge that reflects biblical insight and practical experience.

I have had the privilege to be with Carmen in a number of different facets in life: teacher to her children, participant in a Bible study she has lead, staff member of the board she directs, and members of the same church. And with every role, she is an inspiration! She is true to herself—a life-long learner and leader.

Aletta Luma – B.A. Religious Studies, B.Ed.

“Not just an academic brain; she’s walked the trenches of life.”

Carmen is an enthusiastic, passionate, articulate woman and I see the hand of God upon her life. She is a strong leader who continues to develop her giftings and calling, while being committed to wholeheartedly serving where God has called her. She is my peer in ministry and I am grateful to call her my friend.

Jo-Ann Porterfield, WOMEN’s Leader, MB/NWO District PAOC