I am so thankful I have a study at home because it allows me the opportunity to take time away from the distractions of laundry, dishes (especially last night’s ones!), noises, etc., and it allows me a quiet-suited-to-me-space where I can spend time reading, praying, studying, reflecting, writing, etc. Now I am not saying I am an avid writer (I am not!), my go-to devotional style is the study of God’s Word combined with prayer and reflection. This morning in my study, as I began my first day of 2016,  I chose to read out loud 1 & 2 Peter.  There is something powerful about reading God’s word out loud!

Here’s what I gleaned from this morning’s readings in 1 Peter:

  • The reward for trusting in Jesus will be the salvation of our souls. (1:9)
  • We need to prepare our minds for action and exercise self-control. (1:13)
  • We need to cry out for spiritual nourishment. (2:2) I’m thinking “nourish” will be my one word for 2016,  but that’s a blog post for another day.
  • We are God’s possession, as a result we can show others the goodness of God. (2:9)
  • We are to respect everyone and love the family of believers. (2:16)
  • We are to do good, even if it means suffering. Jesus is our example. (2:2)
  • We’ve each got a gift, and we are to use it well to serve one another. (4:10)
  • There is no shame in suffering for Christ’s sake. We are to praise God for the privilege of being called by his name. (4:16)
  • Keep doing good! Keep doing what is right! Trust our lives to God! Why? Because he will never fail us! (4:19)
  • Care for those that have been entrusted to you, and do it with eagerness and because you desire to serve God. (5:2)
  • Lead by good example. (5:3)
  • Be humble, especially as you relate to others. (5:5)
  • Stay alert against the devil! Stand firm against him! Be strong in your faith! (5:8)
  • Jesus will restore, support, and renew us and will place us on a firm foundation. (5:10)
  • Know that hardship and suffering are part of this earthly life – stand firm in God’s grace. (5:12)


Praying for you all to be nourished in 2016 – nourished through God’s Word, nourished through fellowship with the Holy Spirit, nourished as a result of loving others and being loved, nourished as a result of being in genuine community, nourished as a result of letting go of those things that hold you back, nourished as a result of trusting your life to God.


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