How do we practice greater simplicity?⁠

In John Mark Comer’s book “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” he suggests the following:⁠

1. Before you buy something, ask yourself, What is the true cost of this item?⁠

2. Before you buy, ask yourself, By buying this, am I oppressing the poor or harming the earth?⁠

3. Never impulse buy.⁠

4. When you do buy, opt for fewer, better things.⁠

5. When you can, share.⁠

6. Get into the habit of giving things away.⁠

7. Live by a budget.⁠

8. Learn to enjoy things without owning them. (e.g., going to the park)⁠

9. Cultivate a deep appreciation for creation.⁠

10. Cultivate a deep appreciation for the simple pleasures.⁠

11. Recognize advertising for what is it – propaganda. Call out the lie.⁠

12. Lead a cheerful, happy revolt against the spirit of materialism.⁠

I hope you’ve found these ideas as helpful as I have. I’ve been implementing many of them over the last few months and it’s been incredibly freeing.

Helping you live and lead better,


Carmen is a disciple of Jesus who is learning to live and lead her life better. She takes great joy in passing on her experiences, learnings, and lessons. To stay social, follow her on Instagram @heypastorcarmen.

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