Why the name?

For at least a year I have been feeling like I needed to find a central location to write, or if truth be told, learn to write. It is my hope that as the years pass I will become a more fluent and creative writer. But that day is not yet upon us, so those of you that follow this blog will also follow someone who deeply desires to grow, and she will make several mistakes along the way. Thank the Lord for grace!

That said. I chose this name because it is reflective of my journey in Christ, and it is a message that I’ve felt him empower me to encourage others with. Being free to become is a message of  encouragement and empowerment because there is great freedom in discovering who God created you to be and in discovering what your life’s purpose is. There is much that can be unpacked as we discover the unique ways that God has, and is, creating each one of us to be.

As a mom of six amazing children (though several of them are now young adults!), I desire for each one of them to find themselves “in Christ” and to embrace all that he has for them.

Additionally, I had originally thought to go with a name that ended in .ca but would have had to have purchased that from another site (adding yet more work!) and so I had to choose the the available endings here. The .org ending leaves room for this to grow into a place/ministry that in more than just about my journey. I wanted to leave room for this website to become more than what I currently envision it to be. 🙂


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