I just finished a book by Rachel Hollis called Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan For Embracing and Achieving Your Goals and I loved it. Loved it because there were so many things that showed up in this book that were resonating with me and challenging me to show up more fully in my own life. This book was used to help me recognize that I still have dreams, dreams to Equip and Inspire people to Lead with Growing Confidence and Excellence. And as I’ve slowed down in this season, I have been reviewing where that is happening, or if it’s happening, in my life.

I am passionate about helping others to become better than they once were, and I’m excited to do that through equipping others with leadership tools and through inspiring them to try new things.

In the early days of LEAD Women, if you don’t know what that is, you can read more about that here, I wanted to be someone who built up and built into the life of another and who could celebrate their wins, their growth, their mistakes that were catalysts for further trys. And I still do.

After a season of not initiating any LEAD Women opportunities, I felt the nudge to put together (for the first time with a cost, though a drastically reduced cost) a leadership development series for women, and I’m partnering with my daughter Ashley to do it.

And you know, part of me still struggles to lay hold of my dreams. There are some days that I question whether or not I hear right. There are some days that I wonder what I have to offer. Then I remember. I remember that I’ve successfully raised 6 kids. I remember that I learned how to milk a cow and run a dairy farm. I remember that I went back to school at 39 years of age and went on to complete a Diploma in Christian Studies and then went even further in my education and did an MA in Leadership & Management. I remember that after having the privilege of being at home for about 15 years, I reentered the workforce. I remember learning how to work with others, learning to communicate (in person and electronically) well, learning how to effectively lead others (still an ongoing part of my journey). I remember that I have a strong work ethic, that I’m not afraid to try, that I’ll learn through my mistakes because they don’t define who I am. I have lots to remember and lots to look forward to!

And here I am, 49 years old, having lived a lot of life, having just recently graduated summa cum laude (with the highest distinction), and my story, it’s not done yet, and neither is yours! Rachel Hollis, in the book, as mentioned earlier, says this:

We need you to live into your purpose. We need you to create and inspire and build and dream. We need you to blaze a trail and then turn around and light the way with your magic so other women can follow behind you. We need you to believe in the idea that every kind of woman deserves a chance to be who she was meant to be, and she may never realize it if you – yes, you – don’t speak that truth into her life. 1

There are a great many things I will never grow competency in, and I am totally good with that because I AM a student and practitioner of leadership. I love leadership and the development of leaders! And friends, I’m committed to creating spaces for learning, to lighting a path, to sharing leadership skills, to solution finding, to equipping, and to inspiring others  – especially women. Why? Because for far too long in the world, we women didn’t know how to show up to the table of leadership and we were not provided opportunities for strategic growth. A new day has dawned girls, a new day has dawned.

I believe that God put me on this earth, at least in part, to empower Christian Women to Lead with Confidence. And starting in September 2019, I am stepping into that purpose with fierce determination to invest in the lives of a handful of women. I have the opportunity to do that with my eldest daughter Ashley, a Certified Birkman Professional, among other things.

Then yearly, yearly I will be seizing opportunities and also creating opportunities to remind the women that come into my life and who cross my path that She has a Purpose and Here are Some Tools (leadership development) that can Help Her. 

If you’re interested in being part of a handful of women in the LEAD Women, Equip & Inspire – Leadership Development Series, then stay tuned for when registration opens, because space is limited. Cost is already listed, and it’s a great price for launch year!

Being the voice SHE needs to hear and a person to help EQUIP HER,

Pastor Carmen


  1. Rachel Hollis, Girl , Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals, (HarperCollins Leadership: USA, 2019), 203.
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