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Every two months I send out an email that contains audio or video teaching leadership or spiritual formation and other resources.

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I love helping leaders and followers grow their skills and confidence. As a doctoral student of spiritual formation & leadership, I’m always seeking to live what I learn and then pass it on to others. Like the prophet Ezra who devoted his life to the studying, observing, and teaching of God’s Word, I have purposed my life to follow the same pattern. Learn, live, share.  (Ezra 8:10)

I teach leadership, followership, and spiritual formation. I also love to preach and teach from the Bible. Three of my favourite settings to do that are at Summer Camps, Retreats, or at a Church Service.

For all speaking related inquires, please send me an email. You can reach me here.




What Kind of Presence Do You Come With?

Joan Chittister, in her book In God’s Holy Light, describes a story of Abba Moses, a desert monk, being summoned to come and judge another’s sin. As part of his role in the community, he is bound to respond to the request. But he doesn’t want to go, at least not in...

46: Christian Spirituality as Intentional Practice

Please note: There have been glitches with my website since switching over to the new theme, so my apologies if you've gotten this post more than once! Welcome to 2021! I'm so thrilled you're here, and we made it to 2021. I was inspired to record this episode through...