Our Story

In 2015, LEAD Women started as an evening gathering for local women. LEAD is an acronym for leadership education and development.  As LEAD Women continued to evolve it evolved into a company co-founded by Ashley Kampman and Carmen Kampman. LEAD Women Co. focuses solely on leadership education and development for Christian women.

Here at LEAD Women Co., we are an empowering community that encourages authenticity as we strive to lead with integrity, graciousness, and excellence.

Our Why

As female leaders, we struggled to find quality content and places where we could develop our skills and talk about things unique to women in leadership. As a result, we felt an increasing passion and responsibility to empower Christian women, realizing that together with our unique gift sets and life experiences, we had something incredibly unique to offer the world. 

Carmen, because of her educational and ministry journey, is committed to developing and coaching Christian women leaders so they might rise to their fullest potential. This is why LEAD Women is a supporter of Horizon College & Seminary, a place she is adjunct faculty.

After many sleepless nights, Ashley realized eliminating human trafficking and sexual exploitation in the world could come through empowering women and supporting exit strategies. This is why LEAD Women is a supporter of Hope Restored Canada.

Our Values

Empower We are a community that strengthens one another.

Authenticity We show up as ourselves.

Integrity We seek to live and lead wholeheartedly.

Graciousness We receive and extend divine grace.

Excellence We do our best.