About Carmen

Pastor • Educator • Speaker

Carmen is described by others as a dynamic speaker, gifted communicator, and lifter of others.  She teaches on leadership & spiritual formation, coaches emerging leaders in foundational leadership skills, is a content creator, podcast host, and solid Bible teacher.

She loves to spend time helping Christian women develop their unrealized potential, which is why she co-founded the LEAD Women Co. with her daughter Ashley Kampman.


Carmen Kampman – My Story

Are you sitting comfortably?

I’m the eldest of three children and I’m sure that’s already conjuring up all kinds of words for you as you think of one or two first-born leaders that you know. Often labelled bossy, what I really was was a leader in the making who had lots to learn. So she did!

After successfully seeing my sixth – you read that right, I had six children! – off to school, I, at the age of 39, went back to school.  I successfully completed a Diploma in Christian Studies (2014; Valedictorian and Delta Epsilon Chi) and then went on to do an MA in Leadership and Management (2019; summa cum laude). During this journey, I also pursued ordination with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and became Reverend Carmen Kampman (2017).

I’m pursuing a Doctor of Ministry and will begin that journey in the Fall of 2020. In addition to that I read, at minimum, one book a week on leadership or spiritual transformation, regularly attend leadership training seminars or watch training videos, and I’m part of the 5 am Club.

I love to walk, read, spend time with friends & family, and to see Christian women develop their unrealized potential.




Paul Magnus, PhD

Carmen has distinguished herself as a significant change leader, communicator, organizational leader, and graduate student. She co-managed a business with her husband, raised a significant and successful family and returned to distinguished herself as a graduate student, with awesome inspiration and influence in any student learning circle she was a part of. She did the graduate learning while being fully engaged in bringing strength to shaping and influencing the lifting and communication of a significant and new vision for the organization she served as a member of the senior leadership team. She has also distinguished herself as a learning facilitator and professor. She has become active in shaping and energizing a new emphasis on empowering women as leaders. She has been successful as a communicator with increasingly enlarged platforms for communication being offered her. My sense is that given the pace of the expansion of the platforms for communication she will become a TEDS talk presenter in the near future. It is my wish to profile and sponsor her strengths as she is on a fast track to becoming and exceptional leader, communicator, change facilitator, organizational coach and life coach.

Jeromey Martini, PhD

From the first time I met her, Carmen impressed me with her tenacity and go-getter spirit. She’s a high achiever who aims for excellence and, most important, is committed to learning and continual self-improvement. One of the best decisions I ever made is when I decided to hire her!

Caleb Besiata, Former Student

Carmen was my teacher at Horizon College and Seminary. When she taught the class, the passion she had for future leaders and Jesus was so evident to the point it became contagious! Through Carmen, God has used her to bring visible life change to me in many ways. I am super thankful that I was able to have her as a teacher!

Lynn Janzen, Conference Attendee

Carmen was the emcee at the Saskatoon Women’s Journey of Faith conference Oct 25-26/19. It was the first time I have heard her speak and she was awesome! Carmen’s joyous spirit, hilarious humour and compassionate heart are all evidence of a woman who embraces and loves her Lord. I left the conference feeling I had found a new loyal and trusted friend. I look forward to the opportunity to hear her speak again.

Kriston Martens, Former Colleauge

Carmen exudes passion in all of the important things in life – God, family, church, and all people. She is life learner, a lover of God’s word, and a powerful preacher! Get on any topic in her wheelhouse and the genuine passion and pure joy that comes out of her fills a room! (And possibly blows the roof off!) She is also a strong and steady leader. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her leading in my life. Thank you, Carmen! She leads with kindness, compassion, drive, and pulls the best out of you. I am so thankful for this woman of God!

Aletta Luman, B.Ed.

Carmen is a driven leader who effectively shares a balanced presentation of knowledge that reflects biblical insight and practical experience.

I have had the privilege to be with Carmen in a number of different facets in life: teacher to her children, participant in a Bible study she has lead, staff member of the board she directs, and members of the same church. And with every role, she is an inspiration! She is true to herself—a life-long learner and leader.

“Not just an academic brain; she’s walked the trenches of life.”

Why Work With Me?

That’s a great question and one you should be asking yourself anytime you are considering working with someone! And before I tell you why, let me share with you who my ideal client would be.

My ideal client is a woman who is newer to leadership and who desires to lead others with care and excellence;  a woman who recognizes that she needs to self-lead better and more consistently; a woman who knows she needs to add to her leadership toolkit and is willing to work hard at developing new skills; a woman who is looking for a generous mentor, a kind challenger, and a passionate role model. If that’s you, then we should work together because I am all of those things and more!

Regarding organizations, here are my ideal. A faith-based organization looking to inspire and equip their team with foundational leadership principles like communication, team development, mission, vision and value setting. Bible camps looks for a highly competent Bible teacher. Faith-based colleges looking for a quality female professor to teach a Foundations of Leadership or Spiritual Formation class.

Qualifications & Awards

Carmen holds an MA in Leadership and Management, graduating summa cum laude in 2019. She is ordained with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, was the valedectorian at her 2014 Diploma in Christian Studies graduation and was also awarded the Delta Epsilon Chi award recognizing Intellectual Ability, Christian Character, and Leadership Ability.


  • DMin in Leadership & Spiritual Formation (starting Fall 2020)
  • MA Leadership & Management (2019)
  • Diploma Christian Studies (2014)


  • Co-Owner Bertohn Farms Ltd.
  • Co-CEO LEAD Women Co.
  • Retreat & Conference Speaker
  • Facilitator & Conference Host
  • Associate Pastor


  • Valedectorian
  • Delta Epsilon Chi