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Welcome to 2021!

I’m so thrilled you’re here, and we made it to 2021.

I was inspired to record this episode through a book I was reading by local Saskatchewan author, Leah Perrault. You can find Leah here.

In her book, My Heart of Flesh: Choosing Life in the Midst of the Mess, she describes Christian Spirituality this way:

Healthy Christian spirituality is the intentional practices that allow us to live peacefully in reality, that draw us closer to God, one another and creation, that are a participation in God’s saving plan for the world. (34)

In today’s podcast episode, I’m asking you the question: What are the intentional practices that will allow you to live peacefully in reality in 2021?

I also share with you some of mine.

And, next month on the Podcast is my good friend Dr. Rob Lindemann. We chat about friendships with the opposite gender. It was so much fun to do!

Helping you live and lead better,


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