You will only be authentically brave when you are living on the right foundation.

In today’s podcast episode, Ashley and Carmen are talking about having an identity build on truth so that you can bravely show up in the world.

Jesus told us to build our foundation, our life, upon his teachings and truth. When we build our foundation on anything else, it’s a faulty foundation.

Our worth and value were settled on the cross. And when we are not living from that core truth we can find ourselves seeking our worth and identity in what we accomplish, whether or not people like and love us, or whether or not we are in control.

To discern what foundation you may be living upon, Rob Riemer offers three questions for us to consider:

  1. When do I get defensive?
  2. When do I get petty?
  3. When do I become compulsive?

Then ask yourself the following: What’s beneath that? How do I behave when I am operating defensively, petty, or compulsively?

The right foundation is essential for you to show up bravely!


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