Today on the LEAD Women Podcast, Ashley and Carmen are talking about mentoring in a mess.

Our talking points include:

  • Hard situations like this are out of the norm. Global Pandemics are not, nor would we ever want them to be frequent occurrences.
  • Leaders want to learn, no, matter what it is that is happening.
  • Leaders want to be at the epicentre of where the decisions are being made
    • They want you to allow them to see you wrestle with the hard things (layoff, budget cuts, project halts, etc.).
  • Leaders want to help solve problems.
  • Leaders don’t want to read about what’s happening right now as a case study in future books; they want to be learning on the fly, with you!
  • Choosing to do this will grow the confidence, competence, and capacity of your emerging leaders. Please make space for them.

Who could you be mentoring in this pandemic season?

Chat soon,

Carmen & Ashley

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