We are excited to have a guest voice on the podcast today! @rebeccanashphotography is an incredible photographer and an online entrepreneur. NOT TO MENTION – we are absolutely in love with the colour of her hair.

We talk on the podcast about overcoming limiting beliefs, being a single mom and how Rebecca started her own business.

At 23, Rebecca was a single mom struggling to make ends meet, working a job that made her question her purpose, her worthiness, and her faith in something bigger than herself.

Now, this small town girl is a happily married wife and mother pursuing her dreams in her business and supporting & celebrating other women on their journey to the purpose-filled life they dream of through photography, mentorship, and public speaking.

Rebecca Nash-Emerson is a woman strong in faith and purpose who has overcome a long list of challenges. She believes that we are stronger together. That empowered women empower women that; we are all born innately worth of blessings; that by being honest and vulnerable, we can heal the wounds of our past individually and as a society.

Not only should you check out this episode, but you should definitely check her out on Instagram… because she has been climbing her stairs every single day to eventually climb the distance of Everest.

You can find her at www.rebeccanashphotography.com or on Facebook and Instagram.

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