Friend, have you hit a wall? Are you waiting for God to make clear your next steps?

On today’s LEAD Women Podcast, Ashley and Carmen are talking about living in the waiting.

Talking Points:

  • Sometimes there are seasons of your life where it feels like nothing is going on… or maybe people think there is nothing going on… but you are going through an intense transformation.
    • The Lord has led you there.
  • But it’s not this inactive… Netflix and ice cream mentality… It is this active patience that refines us and makes us into who we are.
  • Not everything about our lives is public. I think we are fooled by social media to think that our lives are for public observation.
  •  Secrecy kills the soul and is a breeding ground for sin.
  • However, there are seasons with intentional relationships that walk with us in our waiting.
    • Spiritual direction
    • Counselling
    • Coaches

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Ashley and Carmen

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