Today on the Lead Women Podcast – our guest is Shelby Wickson. Shelby is here talking about social media, her entrepreneurial journey, and what it means to live out values.

You may know her on social media as @sweetgrassandsaguaro (or or the crazy cactus lady. But either way, the women behind this entire show is Shelby Wickson.

Shelby and Ashley knew each other back in their college days, and they would describe themselves as very different people back then. They talked a little about who they were and how Ashley had been watching Shelby grow her online business.

Shelby does everything from creating shelves to western fashion blogging all the way to evolving into a Social Media + Marketing Company

We chat a little about values and what it means to focus on living them out. And the lessons that our values teach us.

So, if you want to know more about social media marketing, the evolution of entrepreneurs and how we pivot in our journey to what it means to pick values that we live by every day, then this episode is for you!

And if this beautiful human, Shelby,  is somebody that sparks your interest, you can find all thing catcus and social media over on @sweetgrassandsaguaro.

See what is new with us at  and you can find LEAD Women Co. on Social Media with @leadwomenco on Insta or LEAD Women Co. on Facebook.

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