In today’s episode, Ashley and Carmen are chatting about some of their Wins and some of their Lessons Learned.

What have we accomplished & learned so far?

    • Launched 2 masterclasses, with a 3rd in the brainstorming/research stage.
    • We have a growing clientele. We have women both working in cohorts and individually with us.
    • Our expectations about money have shifted.  Pricing strategy. How to handle payments. The expectations we’ve had around money have shifted.
    • We have a great relationship and know each other.
    • We’ve spent time co-creating the mission, the vision, and the values,  and we both fully embrace them. It’s taken us a while to get here and we’ve learned that you refine as you journey together.
    • We’ve met some incredible people along the way and we’re starting podcast interviews with some of them.
    • We’re building slowly.
      • The way you start is the way you have to sustain. Don’t try and make it perfect, try and make it sustainable.
    • Our one thing: Client Care
    • We’ve had some cool partnerships: Horizon College & Seminary
      • Endorse something that really matters.

As we strive to lead with integrity, graciousness and excellence this week, we pray you are encouraged to take a step to start whatever that thing is for you that is important in this season.

As you have ventured out into new territory, what are some of your wins or lessons learned?

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