Have you ever found yourself in a conversation that you didn’t know you were having, such as addressing an issue, and you felt completely ill-prepared for it?

Today’s episode is about getting clear on the type of conversation you’re having so that you can adequately prepare for it.

What conversation am I having?

Once you have the answer to the above question, then you can ask yourself this: How do I need to prepare for this?

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  1. Name the issue.
  2. Name the effect.
  3. Provide examples that illustrate the behaviour.
  4. Clarify what’s at stake if the issue continues.
  5. Own your contribution to this issue.
  6. State your hope.
  7. Turn the conversation over to the other person.
  8. After carefully listening, decide together how you are best going to move forward and how will we hold each other accountable.



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