Criticism Defined

Both criticism and feedback involve evaluation. As leaders, we need to evaluate each and every situation. However, a key difference between feedback and criticism is that criticism involves judgment and faultfinding, where feedback evaluates and then passes on corrective information. (Jan 5, 2016 – Article by Jeff Johnson on Linked in.)

Talking Points:
  • Take my self through a process
    • Is this person credible and named? Anonymous feedback is not helpful.
    • How many times have you heard the same criticism?
      • Don’t ignore feedback, process through it even if you end up rejecting it.
    • Are there concrete examples?
      • Patterns should be identified. Can you give me some examples?
    • What circumstances have led to this criticism?
      • E.g., Ashley’s class experience.
    • Navigate through the sting of it. It’s not a reflection of my personhood, and behaviours can be changed.
    • Is it true?
    • Is there a suggested correction or solution from the person criticizing.
    • Do I need to advocate for myself?
    • Who are my people that I can process this with? The people who will tell you the unvarnished truth
Your Next Step Or Your One Take Away:

Think ahead about how you’ll face criticism and develop a working process for yourself to help you navigate through it. Don’t ignore, it’s bugging you!


As we strive to lead with integrity, graciousness and excellence this week, may you find yourself, if criticized, dealing with it in a constructive manner.

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