Today we’re chatting about how to get stuff done.

Productivity will be about stripping everything away but the core of your life purpose and then taking action on only those goals.

– Erin Falconer

How to get things done:

  • Learn to say “No”. People-pleasing is stress behaviour.
  • Stop making a mile-long task list.
  • Automate where you can.
  • Delegate where you need to. A failure to delegate can become the barrier to your next raise or move within an organization.
  • Decide what matters.
  • Put your priorities on the calendar. “What gets scheduled, gets done.”
  • Practice Self-Reflection: Where in your weekly or monthly schedule are you pausing to assess your progress?
  • Use assessment tools. Some calendars, like The Passion Planner, have assessment sections built right in.


Small hinges swing big doors.


Book or Things Referenced:

We hope you are living and leading well

See you in the next episode!

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