We’re chatting about four ways to find community, while tucked away in blankets because it’s chilly today!

Four Ways to Find Community:

  1. Get involved in a local church. Don’t just be a Sunday attender, that’s not a good way to find community. You need to link in.
  2. Paid membership group. Ashley shares about the Well Collaborative. Mastermind. Going to school.
  3. Volunteer somewhere. Like-minded people gather around causes. People who care about people are people you will want to surround yourself with. How much effort are you willing to put into getting to know people?
  4. You create it. Ashley has an annual “Flake” party once a year. Another way to create community is to extend invites to others. A walking group. You can also volunteer to be a leader in a group that’s already going.

How have you intentionally gone out and created community?

Ashley & Carmen



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