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You stopped by! Welcome to my space online.

I love connecting with people, linking the right people, coaching people in foundational leadership or followership skills, preaching, teaching, and helping people die well. If you’re shocked by that last statement, don’t be, I’m a Spiritual Care Practitioner at a local hospice.

I love spending time helping people develop their unrealized potential, especially women, which is why I founded LEAD Women Co. Under that hat, you’ll find free downloads on my website and you can also follow my blog and podcast. 

I’m a wife, mom of 6+, Oma, pastor, and student. I’m currently working on my Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership & Spiritual Formation.

How can I help you? Feel free to reach out!

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Occasionally I have some things to write, so I blog. Other times I have things to say, so I have the LEAD Women Podcast and the Inside Look, my bi-monthly publication that focuses on leadership development and spiritual formation.

I’d invite & welcome you to join me on the learning journey.

Miscarriage: Healing & Hope with Bobbie Mitchell

In this month's LEAD Women Podcast, we have an extraordinary guest, Bobbie Elaine Mitchell, my daughter. In today's episode, Bobbie and I are both sharing our story of miscarriage where over 20 years separate our experiences, but one thing is clear, miscarriage is...

Hospice Care & My First 90 Day Learnings

So much has happened in my world in the last few months. My therapist rightly says I've lived a lifetime. And that's kind of how it feels. Before applying for, interviewing for, and accepting a job as a Spiritual Care Practitioner, I had been some time in a...

Opposite Gender Friendship & Mentoring with Dr. Rob Lindemann

So, so excited about today's conversation with my good friend, Dr. Rob Lindemann. Rob is the Academic Dean at Vanguard College. Rob has spoken truth into my life and been an extraordinary friend to me! If you've not yet met him, I'm delighted to introduce you to him...